Okay I apoligize for not putting this up yesterday, I didn’t have internet. But the bill did pass the senate yesterday by an 11 to 19 vote. The house cannot vote on it until next year because they have closed for the year. I watched the senate session and the big argument used by it’s opponents was ‘this bill contradicts itself’.

It is very unfortunate that Tennessee has decided to ignore such a large part of the state by not talking about how this would hurt the gay communitee in the debate.

When the house rolls back into town you can be sure we say gay will be fighting against this bill.

Votes for bill: Beavers, Bell, Campfield, Crowe, Gresham, Henry, Johnson, Kelsey, Ketron, McNally, Norris, Roberts, Southerland, Summerville, Tracy, Watson, Woodson, Yager, Mr. Speaker Ramsey.

Against the bill: Barnes, Berke, Burks, Ford, Harper, Haynes, Herror, Kyle, Marrero, Steward, Tate.