Currently the bill has been passed by the senate standing commitee for education. What the votes were is a bit of a mystery. As far as I can tell, every news outlet says it was 3 to 6, with  Berke, Burks and Tate voting against it. But the Tennessee state website says that Woodson also voted for it, which would make it a much narrower 4 to 5 vote. I called Woodson’s office and after a brief talk with someone named Pat I was sent to voicemail. If anyone else wants to clear this up, her number is 615-741-1648.

The bill has passed the senate and is going to the house next year.

It is still in the subcommittee for education in the house, and thankfully, the house has closed for the year. As such, if the bill passes the senate it still couldn’t pass the house until next year.