This bill violates our 1st amendment right to free speech by allowing the talking about of heterosexuality and not homosexuality. By talking about heterosexuality and not homosexuality we are teaching kids that there is something wrong with homosexuality. That it’s not appropriate to even talk about and being gay is wrong. But the only thing I see wrong is this bill. It’s called free speech not fear speech.

This bill also takes away many childrens only outlet to talk to about homosexuality. What about the kids who are shunned at home for being gay? The government shouldn’t take away that kid’s only outlet to talk to.

The sponser of this bill, Senator Stacy Campfield, defends the bill by saying that parents should be able to talk to their kids when the kids are ready. But this goes back to my second point. What if their parents think they are abominations? The only thing those parents will talk about with their child is how quick he has to pack for gender retherapy camp.

This bill is not right. If we wanted to let parents talk to their kids when they wanted, we would have let teachers talk to students that are younger than 9th graders about homosexuality. There are many middle schoolers who are well aware of who they are and there is nothing worse than not being able to talk to someone about who you are.